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IPhone Case With Roving Ring Light

IPhone Case With Roving Ring Light

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It is widely used, such as make-up live broadcast, YouTube video blog, and selfie photography.


1 The selfie phone case for iPhone uses 48 high color rendering LED lamp beads, with a nano-light softcover and 3D protective film, so that the light is evenly stigmatized, soft and bright, with fine light quality and a wider range. With the selfie ring light case for iPhone series, you can take beautiful selfie photos at night or in dark places.

The light up case for iPhone series has three different lighting modes, divided into warm light, white light, and mixed light. Warm light(color temperature 2700K), giving people a warm and comfortable feeling. White light(color temperature 4800k), soft light, giving a pleasant, refreshing, and clean feeling. The mixed light(color temperature 6500K)light source is close to natural light, which has a bright, calm, and cool feeling, which can make people concentrate.

The case with light for selfies comes with a lighting plug that uses the battery power of the phone to light up the LED lamp beads, which is convenient and fast, and there is no trouble of charging. In addition, The selfie ring light case's power consumption is relatively small, so you can use it to take pictures with confidence. If your phone screen goes off, the light of the selfie case will go off, too.

4 The selfie case is designed with TPU material, and there is no border on the side, which will not affect the use of your buttons. The precise hole position will not block the original hole position of the mobile phone, and the folding light stand can also be used as a stand. Whether you are applying Makeup, shooting live streaming, YouTube videos, Tik Tok, selfies, or anything else, the selfie ring light case can provide you with perfect lighting.

The selfie light cover is a good gift for your mother, lover, girlfriend, or sister. 


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